Hi! I'm Dr. Madhuri Bagul

Hindi Poet
Based In India.

Anything written on this blog is completely my own. Permission must be obtained if they wish to be published elsewhere. Do not write pamphlets. Also, if you want permission, ask for the specific post and title of the post with the link. Do not use write without permission.

About Me

About Me

After writing poetry everyday, the number of poems started increasing. Then I thought why keep poems to yourself, publish them through blog and website. Creating a collection of poems is my first achievement and publishing them is my second achievement.

Hi There!

There is no use of the word 'Uchhi Hind' in my poems. I have used Hindi language which is simple and heart touching, which can be understood by every common man. Due to this my poems could reach close to the heart of more and more people.

Personal Information

  • Name : Dr. Madhuri Bagul

  • Birth Date : 1983-11-01

  • Degree : B.A.M.S

  • Phone : +91 9423970285

  • Colour : White, Pink

  • Book : No Excuse

  • Poet : Harivansh Rai Bachchan

  • Place : Beach


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